This is a book about everything. This is a book about nothing. This is a book about something. Ever wonder why most people don’t take the other path? Ever wonder why that other path, that road less travelled, has become almost impassable due to the discarded mocha decaf latte cups and adventure kit wrappings that are littered along it by people stumbling over it while stumbling over a search for meaning and identity while quoting Buddha. Ever wonder why most people don’t place enough importance on the little things? You’ll find the answers in this book.

It’s a story about six people who through their actions and discussions deal with the lack of meaning in their own lives. It’s about how these six people find a solution that they never expected to get, and then seem to lose that again just as easily. It traces the path of six characters and their dealings with a search for meaning and identity in their lives, in actions and events that happen around them which culminates in the murder of one of the group. Who is responsible, who did it and how does life pass us by so easily?

It is an existential cubist review of life, love, death, sex, religion, drugs, music, real estate, Star Wars, Nazism, driving, pornography, success, failure and so much more… and coffee, of course.

It is an easy reading of Western Philosophy while making coffee.

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