According to Bishop Dag Heward-Mills the ability to remember is probably the single most important quality for a minister. It is also very important for every Christian to remember what Christ has done for them. “When the children of Israel were coming out of Egypt, remembrance was one thing God wanted them to have. He wanted them to remember how bad things had been there. In their prosperity, He wanted them to remember the Lord God. God knew what would happen if they forget these important things,” says Heward-Mills. In this book you can read about why you should remember, what happens if you forget the important things and why people make the big mistake to forget. The Bishop says that if you forget it can lead to pride, disobedience, divorce, rebellion, takes away compassion and that you shouldn’t let success make you forget. One of the chapters of Remembrance also takes a look at how the passage of time can make you forget. It is very important to recognize the hand of God, the man God uses and to understand why God blesses, in order not to forget.

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