Children of Dreams

Lorilyn Roberts
Virtualbookworm Publishing , English
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Lorilyn Roberts’ hopes of motherhood came to a devastating end when
her husband left her for his pregnant girlfriend. Eight years later, Children of
Dreams reveals God’s restoration of her dreams through the international
adoption of her two daughters. Written as creative nonfiction, an analogy is
drawn between the physical adoption of children and God’s spiritual adoption as
recounted in the Bible. Ms. Roberts skillfully weaves in her own back‑story
while telling about her adventures in Nepal and Vietnam, filled with political

Scriptural insights and reflections interspersed throughout the
book show Lorilyn’s reliance upon her heavenly Father when all hope seemed lost.
The reader will enjoy the vivid descriptions as well as a window into the plight
of those struggling to survive where basic necessities may not be available. The
adventure includes meeting a future Prime Minister, a missing baby, and many
other surprises.

The medical mystery in Children of Dreams was featured
on Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me,” in the episode of “Shapeshifters.”

Ms. Roberts’ appearance on the show was to inform adopting families
about certain medical conditions endemic in developing

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