San Francisco’s Ocean Beach has been decimated by erosion. The Board of Supervisor’s solution of piling rocks to stop it makes things worse causing a road to collapse which kills several motorists. Sand dunes erode into sheer drop offs and trap a family of three during high tide. The beach gets closed off to the public. That’s when the Sunsetter ecoterrorist group emerges and in the the fight against City Hall to preserve their sacred playground they are willing to spill blood…Follow a grief stricken surfer as he tries to stop them from going too far.
My O.B. offers a piercing look at coastline erosion issues as told through a surfer who uses surfing as an aid in his bereavement.

Enjoy the following excerpt:

My Brother & the Dying Ocean—

I started having my nightmares again. The cruel scepter of the dreamworld gone sour punished my attempts to slumber. I had the one about Andy. We are young in it. We are both standing on the beach in Alabama somewhere. Darkness rolls over us as we shiver from having no shirts just shorts. We run over the dunes to find our path blocked by rising water. It crawls towards us as we turn back towards the ocean. There is an eclipse. The sun lies behind the moon in exact blackness outlined only by shadow. We are out of breath. We near the shore and see a sailboat in the distance. We wave and jump in hopes they will rescue us from the flood. They head out to sea and disappear as the rain falls harder. Andy is panicking. I tell him to relax. We just need a way out. The waves grow bigger as the eye of the storm spins over our heads. Andy screams at me for directions. Where do we go? What do we do? I look down at my feet. They are bleeding. We are standing on oyster beds. We are in blood drenched knee deep water. The sharks circle.The wind howls. Waves are hitting my chest now. I struggle to move but fall to my knees. My back is to the ocean. I turn and see Andy. A giant wave consumes us. It rises quickly to great heights before crashing with back breaking force. I feel myself go under. I cannot find up. I swim for what feels like hours before reaching the surface. I blackout like the sun. I wake up on the beach. The good news is Andy is laid out facing away from me a few feet away. I rush over calling his name and hear nothing. I yank him over. He’s dead. His face is colored the death shade blue. A gentle foam seeps from his mouth. I call out for help. I try to breath life back into him. I run for the dunes screaming for anyone. I round the top of the first dune after slipping up its face. I gasp for air. The land is gone. I am on an island of despair. Everything around me is underwater. I rush back to find Andy. He is gone. I see more waves coming. I bury my face in my hands in desperate prayer. They crash into me anyway. I usually wake up flailing and moaning. My neighbors must think I’m crazy. I haven’t had the nightmare in a while. I have my job and new girl now but I was so depressed after the ex I slept all day, every day. I kept my blinds closed and ordered-in until I maxed out my credit cards. I would only leave to take Ralphie out and go surf. Otherwise, I was shackled to misery. It wore a filthy ring around my neck. I scrubbed around the chains instead of shrugging them off. I let that yoke of pain cripple me.

Find out what happens next and download My O.B. at an economy friendly price! Help fight coastline erosion by raising awareness. Read this fictional account of an inevi

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