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The Battered Suitcase Autumn 2009

Volume 2, Issue 2 of The Battered Suitcase, a literary journal of intelligent and imaginative prose, poetry and art exploring the human experience.

Prose by Heather Anastasiu, C.R. Tarpey, Patrick W. Gallagher, Alexis K. Morgan, J. David Bell, Bonnie Yarry, Michael Dennis McDermott, Barbara Purbaugh, D. E. Fredd, C. Rommial Butler, and Moira Moody

Art by Randy Thurman, Aunia Kahn, Jessica McKelvin, Jesus Garza Jones, Delbert Michel and Brad Kendall.

Interviews with Kieran Leonard and Steve ‘Crash’ Parsons.

Narrative Non-Fiction by Libby Cudmore, Ashlie Crabtree and Danielle Davis

Lyrics by Kieran Leonard.

Poetry by Suejin Suh, Isaac James Baker, Heather Calomese, Joan McNerney, Rebecca van Laer, iDrew, Michael Chacko Daniels, Amye Archer, Molly Gaudry, Katarina Boudreaux, Andrea DeAngelis, Phoebe Wilcox, Jess C Scott and Magdalena Ball.

Edited by Fawn Neun, Maggie Ward, Alice Bigelow, Deb Perry and Apythia Morges.

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