Mr. Harvey’s two sons, Thomas and John, were very anxious for their cousin, Samuel Reed, to spend the August holidays with them. His father said that he might; and when school was closed for the season, Samuel bade his father good bye, and was soon in the carriage, driving toward Uncle Harvey’s country seat.

The boys had not seen each other since New Year’s day. It was a happy meeting when Samuel jumped out of the carriage, by the gate leading from the main road up to Mr. Harvey’s house; for there his uncle, and two cousins, were waiting for him. Thomas and John, each grasped a hand, while their father led the way to the house. “We were afraid you were not coming,” said John. “How tall you have grown since Christmas,” exclaimed Thomas. “Were you not tired of being in the hot city such weather as this?” Samuel said that he was; and then they all entered the house, while the driver brought in Samuel’s baggage.

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