Dr. Jeremiah Dakota believes magic, ghosts, and evil spirits are fairy tales. Raised in a white family, he’s had difficulty accepting his Hopi heritage. He is more comfortable in the scientific world of medicine.

After treating a dying “witch,” an owl blocks his path. He considers it to be obstacle in the road. However, his Hopi grandfather insists the owl is the Spirit of the dead witch and that Jeremiah’s soul is in danger. He wants Jeremiah to participate in a cleansing ceremony in the Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon; a place of legendary mystical attributes and powerful ley line energy.

Jeremiah initially declines, but witnessing the impossible-a human shape-shifting into an owl-weakens his resolve and he reluctantly agrees.

For Jeremiah, this journey to Chaco Canyon is much longer and much farther away than expected. During the ceremony he time-travels to A.D. 1054 and draws the attention of a Witch-Spirit who has vowed to take revenge on the people of Wind House. But to carry out his vengeful scheme he must first take possession of Jeremiah’s body.

To save his soul, Jeremiah must overcome his skepticism and learn how to use the secret Power living within him.

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