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The Battered Suitcase Winter 2009

Volume 2, Issue 3 of The Battered Suitcase, a literary journal of intelligent and imaginative prose, poetry and art exploring the human experience.

Prose by Thomas Cannon, Karyn Eisler, Valerie O’Riordan, Matt Mok, Brian George, V. Ulea, Robert Wexelblatt, Randy Kohl, David Mohrmann, Martin DiCarlantonio, Anthony R. Pezzula, Elisabeth Hegman, Lora Hilty, Susan Kay Miller, Roland Goity, Maggie Collins, Timoty Raymond, Anthony Bromberg, Andrew Madigan, Andrew Charman, Mickey Ellinger, Gay Degani, Jay Baruch, Milan Smith, Craig D. Patton,

Interview with artist Chris Mars.

Narrative Non-Fiction by Heather Van Deest, Catherine Sharpe, Ruth Russell, Terry Barr and Ami Sletteland.

Poetry by Jesse Bradley, Ariel Brand, Adam Byrn Tritt, Michael Lee Johnson, Wendy Jane Cohen, Ben Heins, Christina Murphy, Kate Bergen, Matt Dennison, Ayat Ghanem, and Austin Roye.

Artwork by Jennifer Van Winkle, Paul Richard James, Gaëtan Henrioux, Roger Woodiwiss, Oleksandr Hnatenko, Patrick Fatica and Chris Mars.

Edited by Fawn Neun, Maggie Ward, Alice Bigelow, Deb Perry and Apythia Morges.

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