Callum Littlefield walks a fine line between arrogant overconfidence and self-deprecating insecurity. After being ostracized by his peers and getting thrown out of his New England boarding school, Callum soon finds himself in his Havishamish grandmother’s Gold Coast estate, put to work with her “slaves” and his old Macumba practicing Brazilian nanny. Callum reunites with a few old acquaintances, but soon tires of his duties and escapes to his family’s empty Manhattan townhouse.

In one summer, Callum finds love, adventure, death, and heartbreak all while presenting a detailed social commentary on his blue blood eastern surroundings. The character is the ultimate outsider with a unique insider’s view of New York society. Through his relationships with his social x-ray mother, Grey Gardens grandmother, witch-doctor nanny, and Hellenic girlfriend, Callum soon learns what it takes to be a man.

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