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The Battered Suitcase Summer 2010

Volume 3, Issue 1 of The Battered Suitcase, a literary journal of intelligent and imaginative prose, poetry and art exploring the human experience.

Prose by Naomi Silva, Scott Lininger, Eric Fershtman, Rita Rubin, Eric Hawthorn, Holly Schwartz-Coginat, Jamie Guiney, Jon Morgan Davies, Josh Howatt, Ken Tighe, Kevin Winter, Matthew Hamilton, Mitchell Waldman, GK Wuori, Nicola Monaghan, Kipp Wessel, Mike Herndon

Interview with author Lesley Arfin

Narrative Non-Fiction by Mary Whitsell, JM Huscher and Jodi Eichelberger

Poetry by Alison Ross, Brianna Thompson, Anne Bastow, G Malin Wagnon, Jake Walters, Sarah Connell, Brandon Wallace, Danny P. Barbare, Janann Dawkins, Kent Leatham, Kirsten A. Gwin, Satnrose, Justin Hamm, Lindsay Wilson, Elizabeth Ashe, Lyn Lifshin and Steve De France.

Artwork by Claudio Parentela, Mhairi McGhee and Louise Elmslie, Nancy Calef, Meredith R. Krell, and Alireza Taheri Araghi

Edited by Fawn Neun, Maggie Ward, Alice Bigelow, Deb Perry and Apythia Morges.

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