The Diaries Of An African Immigrant is a novel without chapters that presents a moving timeline of events in the life of a troubled young man Ismael who migrated to Canada, finds himself in the University of Toronto a divorced and desolate man. It is a compendium of tightly woven events that plague Ismael. Designed to provoke the reader, it covers sensitive topics such as religious rivalry, sexuality and prejudice from the eyes of an African immigrant. It is a fast moving account of life in Toronto, the lingering prejudices faced by Africans and the enduring tensions of multiculturalism from the perspective of Ismael who is meticulously recording his historical heritage: The ideas that have influenced his life. The places he has been.The people he has met. The things he has done and the things they have done to him. Diaries of an African Immigrant also weaves several historical accounts into its narrative. it provides a unique African perspective into key historical events such as the role of Africans during the slave trade. It explores the emotional state of African communities who were directly suffering from the loss of people who were taken as slaves. It also tells the story of African allies who fought in the Second World War but are often hardly mentioned in the celebrations.

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