Philosophical essays, Political critiques, a groundbreaking exploration of shame and guilt, above all Brian Taylor takes us through unique observations on what it means to be part of Western culture, whether we like it or not. Download for only two bucks!

“There is nothing more powerful than the mind who can accept that there are some things in this life that simply can’t be known. Our ability to decide the power we give our paradigms, called Assignee’s Prerogative, is ours and ours alone, but only if we take it.” from “A Comment on Education”

“Ultimately, cooler heads will prevail and centrist parties will become the future of all politics. Globalization is inevitable and should be welcomed but we are now further away from this realization than it seems. Until this day comes we will continue to ride the see-saw of the right/left dichotomy, alternatively spending and saving, helping and harming, angry and apathetic.” from “Proroguement and Conservative Minorities”

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