Teens talk to adults about how they develop motivation andmastery

Through the voices of students themselves, Fires in the Mindbrings a game-changing question to teachers of adolescents: Whatdoes it take to get really good at something? Starting with whatthey already know and do well, teenagers from widely diversebackgrounds join a cutting-edge dialogue with adults about thedevelopment of mastery in and out of school. Their insights framemotivation, practice, and academic challenge in a new light thatgalvanizes more powerful learning for all. To put these students’ideas into practice, the book also includes practical tips foreducators.

  • Breaks new ground by bringing youth voices to a timelytopic-motivation and mastery
  • Includes worksheets, tips, and discussion guides that help putthe book’s ideas into practice
  • Author has 18 previous books on adolescent learning and haswritten for the New York Times Magazine, EducationalLeadership, and American Educator

From the acclaimed author of Fires in the Bathroom, thisis the next-step book that pushes the conversation to next level,as teenagers tackle the pressing challenges of motivation andmastery.

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