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From Library Journal Born with a port wine stain that obscures half her face, Abby Mitchell is dogged by tragedy: her parents die, she is separated from her only sister, a surgical procedure to help her face fails, and her boyfriend croaks. Through all of this horror, she behaves like a saint and is eventually reunited with her sister, the so-called “bad seed.” As it turns out, Mallory isn’t all that bad, but she does have some disturbing revelations concerning the deaths that follow Abby around. When the sisters throw a fancy party to lure a murderer into the open, they get more than they bargained for. While some of the plot elements in this story are laughable (such as the repeated lack of autopsies on people dying under questionable circumstances) and the whining narration by Jen Taylor irritating, it’s difficult to stop listening until the absolute end. Michaels’s (Yesterday) message is that happiness often comes with a high price and everything does not always turn out well…something seldom seen in romances. A marginal purchase. Barbara Perkins, Irving P.L., TX Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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