Thousands of pages of classic mystery are collected in this large Kindle collection. An active table of contents is included to make it easy to navigate to the work you are looking for.

Authors and works include:

Anna Katharine Green
Agatha Webb
The Bronze Hand
The Chief Legatee
The Circular Study
Dark Hollow
A Difficult Problem
The Filigree Ball, Being a full and true account of the solution of the mystery concerning the Jeffrey-Moore affair
The Forsaken Inn, A Novel
The Golden Slipper, and other problems for Violet Strange
The Gray Madam
The Hermit Of ——— Street
The House in the Mist
The House of the Whispering Pines
Initials Only
The Leavenworth Case, A Lawyers Story
The Mayor’s Wife
Midnight In Beauchamp Row
The Mill Mystery
The Millionaire Baby
The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow
The Old Stone House and Other Stories
The Staircase at the Heart’s Delight
A Strange Disappearance
That Affair Next Door
The Woman in the Alcove

Earl Derr Biggers
Seven Keys to Baldpate
The Agony Column

John T. McIntyre
Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist
Ashton-Kirk, Investigator
The Three Wise Men

Laura Dent Crane
The Automobile Girls in the Berkshires, The Ghost of Lost Man’s Trail
The Automobile Girls at Washington, Checkmating the Plots of Foreign Spies

Wilkie Collins
After Dark
Antonina or, The Fall of Rome
The Black Robe
Blind Love
The Dead Alive
The Evil Genius
A Fair Penitent
The Fallen Leaves
The Frozen Deep
The Guilty River
The Haunted Hotel
A Mystery of Modern Venice
Heart and Science
Hide and Seek
A House to Let
I Say No
Jezebel’s Daughter
The Law and the Lady
The Legacy of Cain
Little Novels
Man and Wife
Biter Bit
Detective Story
Miss or Mrs?
The Moonstone
A Romance
My Lady’s Money
An Episode in the Life of a Young Girl
The New Magdalen
No Name
No Thoroughfare
Poor Miss Finch
The Queen of Hearts
Rambles Beyond Railways;
or, Notes in Cornwall taken A-foot
A Rogue’s Life
Mr. Lismore and the Widow
The Two Destinies
The Woman in White
The Traveler’s Story of a Terribly Strange Bed

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