Matthew L. Martin

Like Dr. Seuss? Maybe Edgar Allen Poe? Ever thought about merging them together like chocolate and peanut butter?

Well look no further…er…farther…whatever.

ONE HALLOWEEN EVENING” tells the tale (in rhyme) about a friendless little boy who goes trick-or-treating by himself down a dark spooky road with seven spooky houses. Along the way he meets a sweet little girl, her freaked out neighbor (who may, or may not have boogers coming out of his nose), an evil old witch, and many other surprises.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll high-five and say:
“I must tell others to buy this great book…today!”

It’s even got a bit of a moral to the story. But telling you more would give away the ending. Just trust me; your children will love it!

Ages 4-and up

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