Copp On Fire by Don Pendleton

In this second book of Don Pendleton’s best-selling Joe Copp mystery series of six novels, private investigator, Joe Copp’s case pulls him into the corporate halls and backlots of Hollywood, behind the glamorous facade of the movie industry, where subjects of a stakeout are murdered. After an undercover narcotics officer is nearly killed, Copp is charged as an accomplice to murder, and is thrown into a real-life Hollywood scenario where death becomes the favorite plot device for the whole bloody show.

Publishers Weekly: “A throwback to the vintage Spillane era, Pendleton knows how to keep us turning the pages.”

St. Petersburg Times: “Pendleton has a great new character in Copp. His style is fresh, the pace is brisk, and there are enough twists to please any mystery fan.”

Library Journal: “Pendleton, author of the long-running paperback Executioner series, shows in his first hardcover that hardboiled writing can be insightful as well as action-packed.”

ALA Booklist: “This is the real thing, the hardcover debut of the author of the perennially popular ‘Executioner series’…the charm of the Executioner books.”

Milwaukee Sentinel: “Pendleton is a master of action and dialog and ‘Copp’ is a taut detective story.”

Published in Hardcover by Donald I. Fine Publishing, papereback by Warner Books. Published by Pendleton Artists in print and Kindle.

Don Pendleton is creator of the original The Executioner: Mack Bolan Series of Action/Adventure novels and is considered the “father of the Action/Adventure” literary genre. He also authored the Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective Series, SciFi and nonfiction books.

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