Canadian writer Stephen Arthurs and his wife Robyn decide to drop everything, be completely irresponsible, and head off into the heart of colonial Mexico for five months.
The plan is a simple one. Rent an apartment in quaint San Miguel de Allende, get to know the Mexicans and expats that live there, and travel out regularly to explore the many fascinating historic towns that are dotted throughout the region.
But that was the only part that was simple.
Whether flying off in search of 10,000 pilgrims on horseback with a local eccentric or discovering a stunningly gorgeous, abandoned seaside resort surrounded by miles of black-sand beach, their five month adventure forces them to confront the enigmas and paradoxes of the Mexican way of life; it also throws them in with a whole cast of utterly mad gringos. Arthurs’ warm and amusing depictions of the colourful expat community―the chanting, sculptor-landlady from New York, the jolly old minister-speed-demon from Iowa, the earnest young muffin man from rural Kentucky―give a unique depth and richness to this charming chronicle.
Stephen Arthurs uses his humour and detailed observations to bring us this delightful view of life in Mexico. In addition, he leads the reader through some of the greatest towns in Mexican history―Guanajuato, Querétaro, Dolores Hidalgo and others―along the way offering clear and instructive glimpses into Mexico’s turbulent past.
Starting To Wander is a funny and insightful book about the heart and mind of central Mexico. It’s the story of a serene desert landscape, and the wonderful characters that dwell in it.

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