This Halcyon Classics ebook collection contains nine novels and 34 short stories by science fiction, alternate history, and mystery writer Randall Garrett. Garrett contributed hundreds of short stories to science fiction magazines of the 1950s and 1960s and published dozens of books under a variety of pseudonyms. He is probably best known for his alternative history LORD DARCY series.

This ebook is DRM free and includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.


Anything You Can Do
Brain Twister
Occasion for Disaster
Out Like a Light
Pagan Passions
That Sweet Little Old Lady
The Impossibles
Unwise Child

Short Stories

A Spaceship Named McGuire
A World by the Tale
After a Few Words
Belly Laugh
But I Don’t Think
By Proxy
Card Trick
Cum Grano Salis
Damned if You Don’t
Dead Giveaway
Despoilers of the Golden Empire
Fifty Per Cent Prophet
Hail to the Chief
Hanging by a Thread
Heist Job on Thizar
In Case of Fire
Or Your Money Back
Suite Mentale
The Asses of Balaam
The Bramble Bush
The Destroyers
The Foreign Hand Tie
The Highest Treason
The Man Who Hated Mars
The Measure of a Man
The Penal Cluster
The Unnecessary Man
Tinker’s Dam
What the Left Hand Was Doing
With No Strings Attached

This unexpurgated edition contains the complete text, with minor errors and omissions corrected.

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