OM Money Money’s EIGHT lifelines are for people who are struggling with finances, or driven by fear. Choose the lifeline that best suits your need. Are you an entrepreneur? A workaholic? A student? A senior? Have you lost your job? Your health? Your pension? You can achieve financial independence and transform your life when you learn how to let go of what isn’t working in your life and focus on the New Emerging Economy. There is a place for you to thrive in the New Economy. In OM Money Money, use the creative, inspiring resources, self-help exercises, and meditations to help you quickly find your passion. They will help you focus your thoughts, words and actions on achieving your financial and career goals.

What you need to know first. As you change, the world around you changes. Change happens from the inside out. Right now, the Old Economy is disconnecting from the corporate model of civilization, where profits, not people, come first. Aided by global warming and climate change, economic change is accelerating. You have a role to play in this change. You are at a transformational point, in the center of seeming chaos. However, all is well. You are in the right place, at the right time. You have the desire to let go, to do something different, to change your world for the better. So let’s begin now. I’ll meet you inside the book!

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