Kyla Springer was on a dangerous mission. A power-hungry, greedy group called the Vigilance Union seized her property, her innocence, and took over her hometown. She was determined to win two of them back. Disguised as a boy, she rode across treacherous miles to hire a bounty hunter whose reputation was known and feared throughout the territory. It never crossed her mind that love and revenge would come to her in the same man.

Jace Rankin had just killed a murderer when a ragged kid named “Kyle” found him in an Idaho saloon. Hardened by old hurts and a solitary life, he had to be convinced to avenge the boy’s enemies. But when he learned that he was really a she, his trust in the human race dropped another notch. Until he realized that his love for Kyla was so great, he’d fight her battle simply because she asked, even if it broke his heart.

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