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The McCallans of central Louisiana are rich and powerful. They’re also werewolves.

Jake McCallan is the owner of McCallan Lumber and the alpha male of their small pack. His sister Tori has left to find her own life away from weres and his younger brother Trey is nothing but trouble. When Trey shows up and tells Jake about fathering a child during a one night stand, Jake throws Trey out of the pack. Then Jake tries to make it right with the mother.

Rebecca Miller has no intention of letting any McCallan run her life or her son’s, but when she meets Jake, he stirs something deep inside her, something she doesn’t want to acknowledge.

But Jake knows the truth the first time he meets the beautiful single mom.

Rebecca is his lifemate, the one woman meant for him, and she’s as drawn to him as he is to her.

And she’s had his brother’s baby.

If that’s not bad enough, while drunk, Trey’s hired a stranger to kill Rebecca and the child.

When several attempts to kill Rebecca fail, it’s up to Jake to protect his mate, even if he has to kill his brother to do it.

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