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Welcome to a book written to challenge you, improve your brainstorming abilities, andsharpen your game design skills! Challenges for Game Designers: Non-Digital Exercisesfor Video Game Designers is filled with enjoyable, interesting, and challenging exercisesto help you become a better video game designer, whether you are a professional oraspire to be. Each chapter covers a different topic important to game designers, and was taken from actual industry experience. After a brief overview of the topic, thereare five challenges that each take less than two hours and allow you to apply the material, explore the topic, and expand your knowledge in that area. Each chapter also includes 10 non-digital shorts to further hone your skills. None of the challenges in the book require any programming or a computer, but many of the topics feature challenges that can be made into fully functioning games. The book is useful for professionaldesigners, aspiring designers, and instructors who teach game design courses, and the challenges are great for both practice and homework assignments. The book can be workedthrough chapter by chapter, or you can skip around and do only the challenges that interest you. As with anything else, making great games takes practice and Challenges for Game Designers provides you with a collection of fun, thoughtprovoking,and of course, challenging activities that will help you hone vital skills and become the best game designer you can be.

Kindle textbooks are functionally equivalent to the print textbook. In some cases, individual items such as ancillary images or multimedia have been removed for digital delivery due to rights restrictions.

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