Hot Rod Heaven

Melani Blazer
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
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He’s back.Two years ago, Brehann Williams’ fiancé died in a fiery crash and his best friend, Sebastian Bernecchi, disappeared. In one horrible evening she’d lost two men she loved, and she blamed herself for what happened. But now Bash—Sebastian—is back in town, claiming he wants to take up where they left off.She can’t ignore the chemistry that still exists between them—just being near Bash makes her think of heart-pounding, mouth watering sex. And she knows he’ll fulfill every one of her fantasies. After all, once—years ago—they’d been lovers.Acting on their feelings for one another had been wrong before, but there was nothing to deny them their passion this time.Nothing except the sinister black Corvette that lurks in the shadows and the danger that swirls around them.

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