The definitive, practical, go-to resource guide on helping allcharities become more “green”

Nonprofit Guide to Going Green is your comprehensivelearning tool to guide nonprofits and NGOs towards becominggreener. A desktop reference for any charitable organization tobecome greener, this essential book gives your organization thesupport it needs to take proactive steps to protect the environmentwhile fulfilling its mission.

Timely and clearly written, with contributions from experts fromaround the globe, Nonprofit Guide to Going Green leads theway in helping charities in all countries meet thischallenge. 

  • Helps nonprofits green their efforts and carbon footprint
  • Shows CEOs, presidents, deans, marketing officers, boardmembers proactive steps they can take to protect the environment
  • Teaches how to do a self-audit and plan for a moreenvironmentally sensitive future *

Nonprofit Guide to Going Green delivers a timely andessential call to action for this new century. Can yourorganization afford not to “go green?”

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