Raising the Dead

A.D. Christopher
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English

After centuries wandering the mists of the Otherworld, Caradoc, a former river god, returns to Earth on Samhain to have his revenge against his lover, Padraig. In ancient times, Padraig swore allegiance to the new god, betraying his oath to Caradoc and banishing him from the earthly plane. Now Caradoc has one night to make Padraig pay, with a brand of erotic torture Padraig won’t forget.

Patrick never dreams the man who interrupts his tribe’s Samhain ritual wants more than just a passionate encounter in the woods. But as memories of his past life return, Patrick knows he must make amends to Caradoc and prove to him that the sins of the past don’t have to haunt their future.

Is one night long enough to bring two souls back together forever?

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