If you are reading this, most likely you have frequented my blog and know a little about my work. If this is the very first time, I welcome you with all my heart and hope that you return soon or subscribe to it.

I want to tell you a little story about something that happened this past spring. I was on my way to pick up my daughter from Reagan National airport after she graduated from Naval boot camp and while I drove I was doing some heavy thinking.

While driving, I was praying and feeling so happy for my daughter’s accomplishments. I couldn’t wait to see her and with my sunroof open while listening to music, life felt really good. I was thanking God for so many things he blessed me and my family with and the closer I got to the airport the more excited I got to see my daughter.

Our greeting was tear filled, with long hugs, and ‘you look goods.’ We finally got her stuff into the car and headed home, but while we were riding to the house we began to have a great conversation. She started to tell me how so many girls her age were struggling in so many ways and we both wished it was something we could do.

I am a writer and a poet, so when you say something to do, guess what comes to my mind? She and I came up with the concept that we should write a book that had black girl’s perceptions in it so that it could be a help to others.

I went to Facebook created a fan page and began to promote the book asking for submissions with that concept in mind. Well, the inquiries came and soon I started to get submissions. I told myself from the start to let this book write itself.

I told myself don’t be rigid in accepting work as long as it was a writer who wrote something eloquently, then they were welcome. It was good that I was open to flexibility right from the start because this book concept has had a major makeover.

The name was changed to The Sable Acumen which is close to The Black Girl’s Perspective because sable and black have the same meaning. The words acumen and perception both mean the same thing, as well. And, so goes the facelift on the name of the book.

Next in line, were the contributors who have various differences ranging from their ages, locations, and sexes. Wow! This book has poets and writers from the US, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Sweden, and India. This book has people in it from both ends of the color spectrum in it, as well.

I plan to do interviews with those authors that are so inclined, so look for more from them later on. But, I invite you to check out the book The Sable Acumen @ www.shop.akiliamina.com. This book is unlike any other E-Book you have ever read in its design and its written artwork. I thank you for your time reading this book and pray that it helps someone to know we are all the same.

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