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S. E. Mann celebrates American cinema and culture in this first in a series of books on entertainment.

A lover of movies from an early age, Mr. Mann has been called an actor, director, writer and producer, as well as some other things we can’t repeat here. Love him or hate him, you’ll definitely have an opinion on his opinion of what makes Hollywood one of the most influential places on Earth.

From his Tokyo hideaway, S. E. Mann offers up a blue plate special of juicy insight garnished with humor and gushing with delicious admiration for America’s most beloved invention: Hollywood.

Here’s what some famous people are saying:

“This is The Greatest Book on Earth!”
- Cecil B. DeMille (Toll booth operator on the New Jersey Turnpike.)

“A Quiet Man, he is not!”
- John Ford (proprietor of Ford Auto Body and Collision Repair, Braintree, Massachusetts - we accept only cash.)

“It’s a Wonderful Book!”
- Frank Capra (head dough flipper of Capra’s Pizzeria, Port Authority Bus Terminal, NY - bathroom use for customers only)

“I vanted to ridd dees book. But no! Cuz dees sample Blanca. Nothing! Bring on the Empty Verses, I say!”
- Michael Curtiz (of Curtiz Carpets and Flooring, Paramus Park Mall - free estimates!)

Look for more coming in the ‘Mann on’ series of books - Mann on Music, Mann on War, Mann on Art…

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