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S. E. Mann celebrates American movies and culture in this first in a series of books on entertainment. The essays included in this volume originally appeared online and in print in various forms and in places such as Variety, Big Hollywood, and Hollywood Reporter, as well as on mustard stained napkins found in a trashcan at Sardi’s Delicatessen.

Apolitical by nature, S.E. Mann is sure to incense those on the Left just as much as he really ticks off those on the Right. By the way, the middle of the road isn’t too safe either. If you’re looking for a harmless, politically-correct survey book on the history of American cinema, this isn’t it.

If, however, you’re up for a fun, lively conversation about movies - if you, like the author, have burned the midnight oil reminiscing with friends on your favorite flicks, actors and directors, if you’ve argued over who was in what movie, whether or not Goldfinger really was the best Bond villain or how Ray Bradbury truly felt about Truffaut’s version of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (S.E. Mann asked him this very question) then you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Some have compared the wit and range expressed in the eleven essays here in ‘Mann on Film’ to an odd combination of Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets John Waters meets Siskel and Ebert meets Harlan Ellison meets Joe Bob Briggs meets the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s a good assessment as any.

Whether you like talking about the non-stop greatness in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, debating ‘Dr. Strangelove’ vs. ‘Fail-Safe’ or hashing over the pitfalls of celebrity activism, there’s something for everyone here as S.E. Mann rambles and rants along many paths, never sparing the rod. To quote Ernst Toht, ‘the man is nefarious’.

Here’s what some other famous people are saying:

“This is The Greatest Book on Earth!”
- Cecil B. DeMille (Toll booth operator on the New Jersey Turnpike.)

“A Quiet Man, he is not!”
- John Ford (proprietor of Ford Auto Body and Collision Repair, Braintree, Massachusetts - we accept only cash.)

“It’s a Wonderful Book!”
- Frankie Capra (head dough flipper of Capra’s Pizzeria, Port Authority Bus Terminal, NY - bathroom for customer use only)

And so many others!

A lover of movies from an early age, Mr. Mann has been called an actor, director, writer and producer, as well as some other things we can’t repeat here. He’s worked in front of the camera and behind it - and even off to the side, sulking. Love him or hate him, you’ll definitely have an opinion on his opinion of what makes Hollywood great and why it’s one of the most influential places on Earth.

From his Tokyo hideaway, S. E. Mann offers up a blue plate special of mouth watering juicy insight garnished with rich and savory humor and thick slices of frank opinion with a heaping side order of subtle references and bit of cultural self reflection sprinkled on top, all resting on a bed of gushing and delicious admiration for America’s most beloved industry. What a mouthful!

Look for more coming in the ‘Mann on’ series of books - Mann on Music, Mann on War, Mann on Art…

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