This Halcyon Classics ebook edition contains eleven works by eminent science fiction writer Harry Harrison, including three full-length novels (DEATHWORLD, DEATHWORLD 2, and PLANET OF THE DAMNED), as well as ‘The Misplaced Battleship,’ the first story to include the character of Jim DiGriz, the Stainless Steel Rat. Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.

• Deathworld
• Deathworld 2
• Planet of the Damned
• Arm of the Law
• The K-Factor
• The Misplaced Battleship
• Navy Day
• The Repairman
• Toy Shop
• The Velvet Glove
• Sense of Obligation

Harry Harrison (1925- ) is an American-born science fiction writer and leading Esperantist. Harrison is best known for his fictional master criminal “The Stainless Steel Rat” and his story MAKE ROOM! MAKE ROOM!, which served as the basis for the film SOYLENT GREEN.

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