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NETWORKING FOR THE CAREER-MINDED STUDENT is for high school and college students ambitious to do well in the job market - and interested adults willing to use a resource they already possess to help students get a head start. The aim of this briskly written title is to indicate the “why, where, how, when, and with whom” the clever young person can and should network. There’s also guidance as to reasonable expectations and the ethics of networking.

The best time to learn how to network is while still a student. Students are already in a learning mode, and networking skills can be acquired while in high school and/or college like any other knowledge set. Skills practiced at this age are more likely to become lifelong habits. Also, adults already in the work force - especially successful, ambitious adults - are more likely to give substantive help to a young person about to enter business.

This is a critical topic for those about to enter the work force, for in good times or bad, the person with an effective network will - all else being equal - do significantly better in business (and life) than the one without. The effective networker is more likely to: (1) make an appropriate career choice in relation to interests and abilities; (2) select and get into the best college for his or her purpose; (3) take the right courses; (4) get a useful internship; (5) find an interesting, well-paid job; (6) hold on to a desirable job; (7) advance more quickly into an even better job; and (8) find more satisfaction in every area of life.

Linda Hewitt, the author, is a successful business consultant who has spent years researching employee attitudes toward their jobs and what they would do differently, given the opportunity. Linda has written several titles on career guidance for young people. Word Count: 49,750. Title is formatted for Kindle.

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