Elton John: The Bitch is Back

Mark Bego
Phoenix Books, Inc. , English

Here’s the book every Elton John fan has been waiting for - full of the scandals, addictions, affairs and tantrums that underscored the life of one of the world’s most original and talented musical artists. Flamboyant, iconic Elton John ias as much part of the American musical landscape as he is in his native England. In the 1970s, when popular music on both sides of the Atlantic fragmented into disco, soul, hard rock, pop and folk, Elton John embraced them all with his signature creative panache. emerging in the the late 1960s as a singer/songwriter, Elton was widely acknowledged as the most prolific pop and rock star of the decade by the mid-70s. His peerless musical style and ability to jump from sensitive ballads to bawdy rock anthems to campy pop have made him a musical superstar for the ages.

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