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The quest for meaning and purpose dwells within all of us. Jesus insisted that its fulfillment lay in a relationship with him. But what does that look like-really? Apprentice encourages us to ask our most probing questions, embrace our doubts and learn why we are driven to belong. In this five-session DVD study, bestselling author Steve Chalke guides us into a deep experience of learning and relationship with Jesus. Embarking on a relational journey that engages us on every level, we learn to walk with Jesus in an organic, whole-life learning experience, exploring areas foundational to the meaning and depth we crave. In five sessions the author covers the following topics. Journeying: Life is like a journey best walked one step at a time Longing: Satisfaction comes from longing for the things God longs for Believing: Our knowledge is always limited, in the end we have to put our trust in something Questioning: Without room for doubt, faith could not exist *Belonging: Living in community requires trust and love. It is dangerous and risky, but ultimately worth the risk

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