The September/October issue of CODE Magazine is focused on Visual Studio 2005, and contains several in-depth articles focused on that subject, as well as several general .NET articles.

Table of Contents:
) What Makes an Effective Software Manager?
) Die VSS Die!
) Oh My!! - A Look at the My Namespace in Visual Basic 2005
) A Look Under the Hood of Windows Forms Data Binding
) Drag-Once Databinding
) State Management
) Visualize Your Code with the Class Designer
) Instrumenting Applications with .NET Tracing
) ‘For-Each’ Of My Own
) Data Validation Using .NET and External Metadata
) Heard on .NET Rocks!: SQL Reporting Services
) Ask the Doc Detective
*) .Finalize() - Climbing Hills and Making Rules

For more information, visit www.codemag.com

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