Insights and strategies for success in the competitive law school application process offered by law school admission consultant and former director of law school admissions, Ann Levine, Esq. Ms. Levine is “The Secret Weapon of Law School Applicants Nationwide” and 95,000 law school hopefuls and pre-law students rely upon her Law School Expert blog for tips and advice throughout the law school application cycle.

Whether you’re applying to a top law school or just praying to get in anywhere, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” explains each piece of the process with candor and openness and answers the questions asked most frequently by law school applicants, including:

How do I decide which law schools to apply to?
Why is the personal statement so important and what should I write about?
How do I explain a low LSAT score?
Who should write my letters of recommendation and what should they emphasize?
What can I do if I am wait listed at my top choice school?

For answers to these questions and more, bring this premier law school admission coach into your living room through a book that feels more like a private consulting session with the foremost expert on getting into your reach school.

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