According To Jane

Marilyn Brant
Kensington , English
26 ratings
  • MidnightAria added a soundbite 1 year ago
    Extremely cheesy dialogue, the hero of the book is creepy. But I like the idea of voices of wisdom.
  • ames318 added a soundbite 3 years ago
    I liked it but some of the conversations between Ellie and Jane were annoying.
  • pitter81 added a soundbite 3 years ago
    I liked the story within the story idea.
  • Tammy B. added a soundbite 4 years ago
    I was a bit disappointed. It seemed to have great potential but never really lived up to it.

In Marilyn Brant’s smart, wildly inventive debut, one woman in search of herself receives advice from the ultimate expert in matters of the heart. . .

It begins one day in sophomore English class, just as Ellie Barnett’s teacher is assigning Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. From nowhere comes a quiet “tsk” of displeasure. The target: Sam Blaine, the cute bad boy who’s teasing Ellie mercilessly, just as he has since kindergarten. Entirely unbidden, as Jane might say, the author’s ghost has taken up residence in Ellie’s mind, and seems determined to stay there.

Jane’s wise and witty advice guides Ellie through the hell of adolescence and beyond, serving as the voice she trusts, usually far more than her own. Years and boyfriends come and go—sometimes a little too quickly, sometimes not nearly fast enough. But Jane’s counsel is constant, and on the subject of Sam, quite insistent. Stay away, Jane demands. He is your Mr. Wickham.

Still, everyone has something to learn about love—perhaps even Jane herself. And lately, the voice in Ellie’s head is being drowned out by another, urging her to look beyond everything she thought she knew and seek out her very own, very unexpected, happy ending. . .

“A warm, witty and charmingly original story.” —Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author

“An engaging read for all who have been through the long, dark, dating wars, and still believe there’s sunshine, and a Mr. Darcy, at the end of the tunnel.” —Cathy Lamb, author of Henry’s Sisters

“This is a must-read for Austen lovers as well as for all who believe in the possibility of a happily-ever-after ending.” —Holly Chamberlin, author of One Week In December

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