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Here’s the fun and easy way to learn how to create your own iPhone applications

Whether you’re a professional developer or an iPhone user with a knack for technology, this plain English guide shows you how easy it can be to create your own cool iPhone and iPod touch apps. The open iPhone SDK offers a world of opportunities, and with the information in iPhone Application Development For Dummies, you can get in on the fun and profit.

You don’t need high-level programming skills to create iPhone apps. iPhone Application Development For Dummies walks you through the fundamentals for building a variety of applications using Objective-C and covers the critical steps for creating applications that get accepted into the AppStore.

  • Apple’s open SDK for the iPhone allows any developer to create iPhone applications
  • This guide helps you develop new applications for use on your own iPhone or for release to other iPhone and iPod Touch users
  • Covers small and large-scale application development
  • Shows how to develop usingObjective-C
  • Enables both novice and experienced programmers to leverage the marketing power of the open iPhone SDK

The iPhone is the hottest smart phone around, and with iPhone Application Development For Dummies, you can create cool new apps to make it even more exciting.

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