This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to using Xcode, along with Objective-C 2.0, to write your own Flashlight app for iPhone OS 3.0.

Targeted to both newbies and experts alike, you will learn how to use Xcode to create a Window-based app, how to understand Objective-C 2.0 code, how to set properties on the UIApplication object, how to implement the UIApplicationDelegate protocol, how to create a custom UIView, how to handle touch events, and more.

Unlike any other step-by-step tutorial, this one describes in detail every single step and line of code.


- About This Tutorial
- Setup of iPhone OS Software Development Environment
- Startup Xcode
- Create New Project: Flashlight
- Build and Go
- Quick Tour of XCode
- It All Starts Here: main.m - Part 1
- Rental Vehicle Analogy
- It All Starts Here: main.m - Part 2
- main.m
- UIApplicationMain()
- UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate
- FlashlightAppDelegate.h
- FlashlightAppDelegate.m
- UIApplication Properties
- UIApplication Methods
- UIApplicationDelegate Methods
- Touch - Overview
- Creating FlashlightView Class
- FlashlightView.h
- FlashlightView.m
- Adding FlashlightView to FlashlightAppDelegate
- FlashlightView Touch Handling
- Review of Key Skills


- iPhone Objective-C 2.0 Programming Exercises

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