The Vegetarians of Washington love to eat and want to share their passion with you. Requests for recipes from restaurants and delis featured in last year’s travel guidebook, Veg-Feasting in the Pacific Northest, led to the development of this new cookbook.

Showcased here are scrumptious meals that emphasize the best of dining out and dining in. Local restaurants, bistros, and cafes contributed some of their most popular recipes. Internationally renowned chefs, who have given cooking demonstrations during Seattle’s annual VegFest, have also
generously shared their creations. The recipes are well designed and easy to follow. A variety of dishes covers weekday fare to gourmet dining…many with international origins. These recipes will appeal to everyone who loves good food.

And, you’ll find more than a regional sampler. Included are interesting articles on nutrition, the vegetarian scene in the Northwest, and practical tips by professional chefs.

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