Software Creativity 2.0

Robert L. Glass
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This book is written from a powerfully felt, personal perspective: that software construction is primarily a problem-solving activity; that all problem-solving requires creativity; that software problem-solving is deeply complex, perhaps more deeply complex than any other activity; and that, therefore, software problem-solving requires the ultimate in creativity.”
—Robert L. Glass, from the Preface

In Software Creativity 2.0, acclaimed author Robert L. Glass explores a critical, yet strangely neglected, question: What is the role of creativity in software engineering and computer programming? With his trademark easy-to-read style and practical approach, backed by research and personal experience, Glass takes on a wide range of related angles and implications. To name only a few:

* Are discipline and formality at odds with flexibility and agility?
* When are control-driven vs. experimentation-driven approaches most effective?
* Can we “make creativity happen” in a software organization?
* Which is more important, process or product?
* How do theory and practice interact in the software field? Can practitioners and academe complement each other more effectively?
* Is there a missing link between creativity and software design?
* What is the balance of “intellectual” and “clerical” tasks in software work?
* Can we still find a place for plain old fun?

Software Creativity 2.0 also features a new Foreword by Tom DeMarco, co-author of Peopleware and Waltzing With Bears, and a new Preface by author Robert L. Glass.

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