Notes from the Publisher:

There are five poems in this book. The author has a special talent to write poems that touch one’s heart and tickle one’s funny bone.

Here is a sample of what you see in this book.

The first poem takes off from Bill Gates, Sr.’s book Showing Up for Life. Here is the start of that poem:

Showing up for life
is more than a poem
It is a way of life
so you won’t feel alone

Keeping commitments
is crucial indeed
It is best to speak out
in life you can lead

With the sudden popularity of Susan Boyle, Ron wrote a poem about her and her singing.

Here is a sample from that poem:

The song she would sing
was amazing indeed
She sang with passion
as she took the lead

People stood on their feet–
it did not take that long

We all use words to convey thoughts. Words have meaning and impact on us. Here is a sample of Ron’s take on this:

Words are conveyors
Of messages–thoughts
We brought them to life
When we were just tots.

Humor comes into Ron’s poems too. What can you say about haircuts? Ron has something to tell you about that:

Come to our shop
We are waiting for you
If we cut it too short,
We have lots of glue.

These are mere samples of the poems in this book.

Watch out for more books of poems by Ron.

If you want him to write a poem about you or your life, just contact him by email at rgclibborn@yahoo.com

Look for future books by Ron.

Thank you.

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