Another Fine Mess: Bridget Montrose Mystery

Lora Roberts
Daniel & Daniel Publishers , English

Writer Bridget Montrose finds that the rarefied world of the literati can be
hazardous, not only to her self-esteem but also to her life. Bridget is delighted to be accepted at a
prestigious writer’s retreat on the California coast and is looking forward to high-minded
conversations at the dinner table. High-mindedness is, however, in short supply. Instead, Bridget
gets an up-close, personal look at the writing and publishing world: authors of pot boilers and of
literature, e-published authors and perennially best-selling authors. The eccentric billionaire
owner of the retreat, the jealous manager, surfers, and cops enliven the literary mix. Readers will
be fascinated by the insider’s detail enlivening this closed-circle-of-suspects mystery.

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