The following excerpt, published in The New York Times on September 26, 2004, from an article about daguerreotype photo imagery, aptly describes the gothic essence of DAGUERREOTYPES, the novel: “The magic of this image, along with its incredible detail, also has to do with the shimmer of the photographic plate … Silvered sheets of copper, sensitized with iodine and developed in heated fumes of mercury, daguerreotypes are alchemical objects of ethereal physicality. They shift as you move past them, glinting in the light, giving fleeting hints of intangible color, which make the people and objects they capture seem almost three-dimensional and at the same time vaporous. The effect is akin to … an illusion of ghostly space.”


“The funky ambience of the society left behind in used-up mining towns merges ominously with the guilty post-traumatic nightmares of a Vietnam vet in this Western Gothic by E. J. McGill.” — Elizabeth Gunn, Author of New River Blues, second in the Sarah Burke series, and McCafferty’s Nine, seventh in the Jake Hines series.

E.J. McGill’s portrait of perversion and murder in a remote Arizona community shines with the haunting metallic glitter of its title-Daguerreotypes.” — J. M. Hayes, Author of Server Down, fifth in the Mad Dog & Englishman series & The Grey Pilgrim

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