Wrong Number

Dave Dykema
Klordny Productions , English
2 ratings
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    good plot , good characters , enjoyable book(mature content)

It was the right person, but the wrong number to call.

Brad Mullen finds a phone number scrawled on a cocktail napkin outside a “meat market” bar. On a whim he dials the number, connecting him in ways he could never have imagined with a woman named Julie.

Things move fast, culminating in sex at a local park. Trying to slow down the breakneck pace, Brad eases off a bit, but Julie doesn’t like that at all. She burrows into all factions of Brad’s life, invading his work and telling him to stay away from other women and even his best friend.

Julie’s suffocating Brad. But that’s nothing compared to when the handcuffs, knife, and tire iron come out. She wants to possess him in every way—even if he’s dead.

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