How influential and/or pervasive can the Kindle become? Does it have what it takes to join that exclusive group populated by the likes of the Hula-Hoop, the VW Bug and the iPhone and become the next bona fide cultural icon? Will the term “Kindle” become as ubiquitous in describing e-readers in the future as Band-Aid has for adhesive bandages and Kleenex for facial tissue? And just how effective will the Kindle’s built-in marketing segment of evangelists be in counteracting the latest wave of “Kindle killers” lurking on the horizon? Author Stephen Peters searched far and wide, from coast to coast of what currently constitutes Kindle Country to the far edges of the globe, to find out in his new book “Kindle Culture.”

“Kindle Culture” examines the social and cultural aspects of the Kindle through a series of stories about people whose lives have been changed by the popular e-reader, from a woman whose Kindle let her read again after almost ten years to a full-time business professional whose hobby of making Kindle covers has turned into a cottage industry he can’t keep up with. Along the way you’ll meet newlyweds, members of the clergy, artists, librarians, hackers, bloggers, anti-ereader groups and Kindle-defending celebrities, all with one thing in common—the Amazon Kindle.

Extensive appendices include links to 50 websites of the people featured in “Kindle Culture” and 50 key articles dating from May 11, 2007 to May 4, 2009 that trace the device’s history, all accessible from the Kindle (subject to Wi-Fi coverage).

Introduction: Fanning the Flames
Chapter One: The Couple Who Got Married with a Kindle
Chapter Two: The Woman Whose Kindle Let Her Read Again
Chapter Three: The Man Who Built a Summit for His Kindle
Chapter Four: The Girl Who Thought the Kindle was a Piece of Cake
Chapter Five: The Guy Who Sold Kindle Covers Despite Himself
Chapter Six: The Library That Adopted Twin Kindles
Chapter Seven: The Day Oprah Made the Kindle Disappear

Appendix A: Websites
Appendix B: Article Links
Appendix C: Miscellany

108 pages; 19 b&w illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9824474-0-6

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Peters has been writing about popular culture for over 20 years. His stories have appeared in print in the Los Angeles Daily News, Creem Magazine, HITS, Guitar Player, Bam, Venice, Relix and Juxt, and online at CompuServe/AOL, Third Age, MSN, Launch/Yahoo! Music and AT&T. His previous books have been published by Carlton Books and DK Publishing in the UK and Europe and Thunder’s Mouth Press in the United States. “Kindle Culture” is his first e-book.

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