35 of prolific author Randall Garrett’s books and stories, including many of the Astounding Fiction science fiction stories, with active table of contents:

…After a Few Words…
Anything You Can Do …
Brain Twister
The Bramble Bush
But, I Don’t Think
By Proxy
Card Trick
Cum Grano Salis
Damned If You Don’t
Dead Giveaway
Despoilers of the Golden Empire
The Destroyers
Hail to the Chief
Heist Job on Thizar
The Highest Treason
The Impossibles
In Case of Fire
The Judas Valley
The Man Who Hated Mars
The Measure of a Man
…Or Your Money Back
Out Like a Light
Pagan Passions
The Penal Cluster
A Spaceship Named McGuire
Suite Mentale
That Sweet Little Old Lady
The Unnecessary Man
Unwise Child
What The Left Hand Was Doing
With No Strings Attached

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