Knight Moves

Jamaica Layne
Ravenous Romance , English

Knight Moves is an absolute treat!” Ms. Layne’s setting is perfect, her use of magic unique, her plotline full of surprises. Knight Moves is everything I love about erotic romance!” —Crave More Romance (5 stars)

“Jamaica Layne’s Knight Moves is a funny, naughty romp that takes full advantage of its fantastical setting to poke fun at a wide range of historical periods through the eyes of its spunky heroine, Louise Jackson of New Jersey. Kidnapped by a time-travelling knight, she discovers new sexual tastes and new inner strength as she finds a way to turn the tables and free herself from bondage.” —Victoria Janssen, author of THE DUCHESS, HER MAID, THE GROOM, AND THEIR LOVER

“Fun, sexy and inventive!” —Cheryl Brooks, author of THE CAT STAR CHRONICLES

Louise Jackson - –a sexually frustrated, thirty-year-old toll collection supervisor for the New Jersey Turnpike - is bored out of her gourd at Medieval Worlds: Dinner and Tournament when she heads for the ladies’ room. She soon encounters a gorgeous mystery knight in a bathroom stall that is actually a portal to another time and place - a castle in twelfth-century Europe, which is the knight’s home. Louise is ecstatic - she believes she has found the incredible knight-in-shining-armor of her wildest fantasies. But the mystery knight is actually Lord
Verdigris, who has kidnapped her from the 21st century so she can become a sex slave in his Hall of Harlots, where she will grant sexual favors to Lord Verdigris and the knights of his garrison for all eternity!

Determined to make the best of a bad situation, Louise settles into her new role as Lady Louisa of the Crossroads - by far the most popular and desirable of all the courtesans in Lord Verdigris’s Hall of Harlots. Will she find a path back to her own century before the ruthless Lord Verdigris finds out and imprisons her forever? And will she find true love along the way?

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