Dana Logan learns of her sister’s death while vacationing with her friend Sarah Cafferty in their motorhome.
Her sister Georgi, a wealthy mystery writer, lives in Wyoming, and they’re caught in a Rocky Mountain blizzard. Struggling to survive, they arrive at Georgi’s mansion and are told that Dana’s sister has committed suicide. Dana knows her sister would never take her own life, so with Sarah’s help, she sets out to discover the truth. While going through Georgi’s possessions, Dana discovers a black velvet diary that details the past few years of her life. Could the diary hold the key to Georgi’s killer? Along the way the two women encounter more dead bodies and a vicious drug ring. Dana’s daughter Kerrie arrives for her aunt’s memorial service and joins in the investigation. Trailing members of the drug ring to Georgi’s mountain cabin, the gun Dana purchased could save their lives …

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