If you’re aware for cookbooks then it has been a classic fundraising tool for many years. Churches and other charity groups spend a great deal of time gathering their members favorite recipes together in a cookbook and then have them published.

The problem with this method is twofold:

- It takes a great deal of time and coordination to collect and sort all the recipes. Then they need to be typed and compiled into book form, which is a painstakingly long process.

- Printing costs to have the cookbook published reduce profits considerably.

This book has been compiled with all the standard delicious recipes you did come to expect from a fund raising cookbook. It contains over 257 mouthwatering recipes.

- Its a fantastic cookbook collection.
- The book is in PDF format.
- You can take the print-out of all recipes individually.
- This book contains 257 types of recipes in a different look.
- Easy to understand by everyone.

Order today and discover your new favorite recipe!

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