The Family Bones

Kimberly Raiser
Delvling Press , English
2 ratings

What could be sweeter than a free home in the beautiful town of Astral, Pennsylvania? Well, for Steven and his family, staying alive would be pretty nice.

When Steven inherits a beautiful home and large piece of land from his grandparents, the family is thrilled to move from the stuffy city to the inviting countryside. There’s lots of land for the children to explore, a great house, and helpful neighbors. But for Steven, the house comes equipped with ghost stories from his youth, a spooky well, and spookier relatives.

Steven and his wife, Tara, are on a mission to figure out who is behind the strange things they’re experiencing. From abductions to hidden rooms, the house is full of surprises and scares for both the family and the reader. And the story has so many twists and shocking developments, you won’t be able to look away!

Perhaps the greatest part of this book is that the author, Kimberly Raiser, is willing to sacrifice characters in order to fully tell the story. This certainly isn’t a book where you can figure out exactly who is going to live just by reading the first chapter. Not even the children are safe from the action!
~All Book Review

Kimberly Raiser resides in Virginia with her family and her dreams. Granddaughter of Henry Kunicki, whom grew up with noted physicist David Bohm; science fiction is no stranger to her craft. The Family Bones will bring chills and thrills and a few laughs along the way.

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