US SAILING training programs are designed to help you join the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of adults and youths who have learned to sail on the lakes, rivers, bays and coasts of the United States. This and other books in the certification series are designed to present the information you need to get the most out of sailing. The series will be a convenient reference before and after your times on the water.
Like all pursuits, sailing has its own set of skills and maneuvers that need to be learned and practiced. This book teaches you how to feel comfortable as skipper or crew and gives you a basic understanding of nautical terms. The first part of the book gives you a tour of a typical small sailboat. The next section shows the concepts of how a boat moves through the water. The middle section puts you on board and describes how to steer and trim the sails. The book wraps up with seamanship skills that make sailing safer and easier.
Sailing can bring you relaxing days on the water, adventurous family fun or challenging competition. You will be able to choose how you want to enjoy recreational sailing as you practice and gain experience. With this book you will learn the skills to build your confidence and ability to sail.
Fair winds and good fun!

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